We have entertainment programs and trips to many cities for employees to reduce work stress and strengthen the team spirit.

Labour law consultation

We have a trained team who can deal with labor bureau and can study and apply the labour law. So that they can make sure saving the rights of all parties of the production process, and to avoid the problems of misapplying the law.
We also provied the following services:
issuing work permits for foreigners, and preparation and review of employees files according to the requirements of the Labor Law

With the increasing demand for the provision of manpower as approved by the law, the company seeks to achieve the required balance in terms of providing job opportunities for young people while maintaining the advantages guaranteed by the laws, taking into account the reduction of costs that help companies to grow and develop.

Under construction companies:
We are responsible for opening the insurance file of the company and the procedures and documents to open the file, and training employees of the company to deal with the Authority

Existing companies:
If you have problems related to dealing with the Social Insurance Authority.
This is the time deal with the authority throw expert specialist,
we aim to reduce the time and effort,
and provide legal solutions to problems that may arise after review and check by
Social Insurance Authority

If you have more than one employee know about the payroll and its related information.
It is the time make these information more secure, we guarantee that the payroll information will not leaks outside the payroll team, and we take tax and social insurance into account.
We provide many payroll programs, a customer can choose between them.

We review and check all activities of human resources management and occupational safety and health, afterwards, interviews are conducted to hear the opinion of the company’s employees in human resources management services,
through examination, reports are produced that illustrate existing problems and suggested solutions to address them.
Advice is also provided on the tasks of each employee and the number supposed to be available to work on those tasks with an analysis of the performance of employees within the department.

We provide you with the required positions, after determining job requirements.
We choose at least 2 candidates after conducting interviews and let you choose between them.
We have a database of several specialist.

We contract with specialized trainers in all fields. So they can put an annual training plan for customers according to the job requirements, then they choose employee so that their training does not interfere with their tasks.
There is training programs prepared to cover the legal training requirements like first aid and fire-fighting.